Fanny Salsa Dance

Fanny has been dancing and teaching salsa since 2008.She frequently attends salsa congresses and festivals where she participates in workshops, classes, performs and shares the dance floor with some of the biggest names in the world of salsa.


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Fanny Salsa Dance Company

Although grooving to your favorite song in the shower isn’t considered a workout, taking a dancing class is. Owner of Baila Salsa Dance Company Fanny Olaya, makes Latin dancing not only enjoyable, but also easy. You don’t have to own the dance floor to feel the beat and work out your body.

There is something so freeing about expressing yourself through body movement, especially dance. This form of alternative workout engages your whole body, while also aiding in stress relief and posture refinement. Fanny shared with us that dancing is her favorite cure-all for everyday stress and discouragement. “You work out your whole body when you dance. It helps with flexibility and muscle strength. You’re working mostly your lower body- your core gets stronger, your legs, your hamstrings and calves. You also burn a lot of calories, so it helps you with weight loss. Your posture too, you can tell because you start moving parts of your body that you normally wouldn’t. I also find dancing one of the best ways to help with your mental health- dancing is always lifting me up. It helps with self-confidence and your self-esteem improves. It really brings happiness to your life.”

Although dancing can be a very vulnerable activity, it is also very rewarding. Being surrounded and moved by music makes this alternative workout unlike any other. “If I can help someone feel what I feel through dancing and music, that would be an accomplishment for me. Salsa dancing, or Latin dancing in general, opens up a new world for someone in which we all get together with the same interests, no matter your age or walk of life. Being aware of the simple things we have in life that we can enjoy like body movement and listening to music is what makes dancing so important.”

Whether dancing comes naturally to you or not, Baila Salsa offers a variety of classes from beginner to group classes that can help unleash the groove in you that you never thought you had. Visit the website to find a class that fits best for you.

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